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An Industry Boom
The trading card market has never been hotter and it continues to grow at an astonishing rate. According to an eBay “State of the Trading Cards” report, domestic sales grew 142% in 2020 with over 4 million more cards being sold on their platform in 2020 versus 2019 (1). This also does not take into account the incredible growth that Goldin’s Auctions has endured over the past several months. In 2019 the company did $27M in total sales, in January of 2021 they had auction sales for over $36M, leading to an investment of $40M for a stake in the company. Goldin’s is on pace to do well over $200M for the year (2). In just the first 6 months of 2021, eBay reported that sales had already doubled all of 2020. The year over year tennis sales grew by 1800%.

Opportunity to Expand Your Company’s Sales with NETPRO
You can now enter the ever-growing tennis industry with an established brand which is recognized world-wide as The Leader in tennis cards! The NetPro brand is the perfect way to enhance  your brand’s reach even further.

NetPro was the first company to produce licensed trading cards of tennis stars back in 1991. The NetPro brand is well recognized and respected throughout the world and collectors and investors alike are driving up prices on the secondary market. In fact, if all of our ungraded card values were added up, they would surpass well over a $100,000,000 market valuation. The surge in demand has been unprecedented and it will only continue to rise in the future.

Global Opportunity
According to Bloomberg, Ken Goldin and his investor group (The Chernin Group) stated that they expect the trading card market to thrive for years to come. An influx of new buyers from all around the world means interest is only primed to grow.

“Outside of the U.S., it is impossible to buy cards,” Goldin said. “When that problem is solved, and people in Australia, Korea, Japan, China and Denmark — all these hot beds — can have easy access to buying and selling cards, you’ll see an explosion in the marketplace.” (2)

Tennis is the ideal market to be in for this expected surge in global interest. It is estimated that there are over 1 billion tennis fans world-wide. The opportunity to tap into this market is endless with traditional trading cards and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Tennis is said to be the 3rd most popular sport on the internet (3).

Interest is also skyrocketing within the United States. Tennis participation in the U.S. increased by 22% in 2020, with 21.64 million people hitting the courts, according to recent data from the Physical Activity Council’s Participation (PAC) report produced by Sports Marketing Surveys (4).

Expanding into the Digital Market Place with NETPRO branded NFTs
There’s no denying that NFTs will play a huge part in the future of collectibles. NBA Top Shot’s emerged onto the scene in 2020 to a ton of praise. The current market cap of the market place sits over $1B. The company that designed the product raised money at a valuation of $2.6B. (5) The tennis market is a potential billion dollar plus market, waiting to be tapped. The combination of the NETPRO brand name for it’s universal collectible industry recognition and highlighted tennis clips with the ATP and WTA Tour would be phenomenal.

In order for tennis players to maximize their personal brand in the NFT market, it would be beneficial for them to team up with NETPRO to instantly add the uniform collectible nature to their offering. Going at it alone comes with risks and alienates traditional card collectors (6). Below you will find a concept of taking a design of ours from 2002 that was never developed as a conventional trading card, and offering it as a potential scarce NFT.


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Accepting Offers For the NetPro Brand Name & Rights
We are currently accepting offers for the registered NetPro trademark, brand name and rights. Our motto has always been “Making Tennis History”, and we are seeking someone with an interest in the sport who will carry on the NetPro legacy that we have built for the past 30 years. NetPro is an established brand that is well recognized and respected throughout the world. The acquiring party will also retain all social media accounts which include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Domain names,,,,, and several other assets (including a 1/1 Roger Federer 2003 Match Worn Authentic Jersey Autograph Rookie Card).

Please contact us at if interested.