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2024 NetPro Trading Cards
Lots of exciting updates are in store for the 2024 tennis season!
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2023 NetPro Anna Leigh Waters Collection
We met with Anna Leigh Waters in early 2023 and knew she was about to embark on a historical season. At only 16 years old, Anna Leigh is quickly becoming a legend within the growing sport of pickleball. We are excited to bring these special cards to fans and collectors worldwide. You can visit the product line here: NETPRO – Anna Leigh Waters Officially Licensed Rookie Card Collection

2022 NetPro Carlos Alcaraz International Series Match-Worn Dual Jersey Auto Rookie Card #1A /50
There was no surprise when this card sold out within minutes of the initial launch in August of 2022. Collectors immediately went for the limited classic retro design to complete their previous NETPRO collections. This design has become iconic as it featured the best rookie cards of legends such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams back in 2003. This card features a match-worn swatch from Carlos’s 2022 French Open shirt. This has topped the charts at $32,000 in a recorded sale for a near-mint graded copy. Finding one of these may be near impossible as most all are secured in true collector’s hands.

2022 Carlos Alcaraz NetPro Premium Golden Slam #1/1 AUTOGRAPHED Rookie Card
This card is for the collector who simply wants the best of the best. It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to Carlos Alcaraz. This 2022 NETPRO Golden Slam card is his only autographed rookie card serial #d 1/1 in existence. Carlos has the talent that transcends all sports. At just 20 years old, we are witnessing the rise of a sports legend.

2022 NetPro Premium Carlos Alcaraz Golden Slam #1/1 Rookie Card
This card features an iconic image of Carlos Alcaraz surrounded by “golden circles”. This card is his only non-autographed rookie card that is serial #d 1/1 in existence. This 1/1 true rookie card will continue to be a highly sought after collectible, as Carlitos continues making tennis history.

2022 NetPro Carlos Alcaraz Rookie Cards
After watching Carlos at the 2021 US Open, we knew that he was going to be something special. It’s not every day when a player of his caliber comes around. In 2022 we released Carlos Alcaraz’s first official rookie cards! These were released right before the 2022 US Open, and the rest is history! You can visit the product line here: NETPRO – Carlos Alcaraz Officially Licensed Rookie Card Collection – NetPro® | Officially Licensed Tennis Trading Cards (

1991 NetPro Prototype Cards!
In 1991 we issued several prototypes that were sent off to tennis shops across the country to display our upcoming initial set. These were printed in short supply with no more than 1500 in existence! Savvy collectors have been seeking the Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras as the two key rookie cards from the small promotional set.

1991 NetPro Tour Star Cards!
In 1991 we issued a complete 98 card set that featured the first ever licensed cards of Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Michael Chang, Martina Navratilova and others! Each card features an action photo and country flag on the front. These cards were released in 24 pack wax boxes, as well as a sealed factory set.
1991 NetPro Legends Cards!
In 1991 we also issued a complete 49 card “Legends” set that featured black and white photography and the first ever licensed cards of Arthur Ashe, Rod Laver, Billie Jean King, Tracy Austin and others! These cards were released in a sealed factory set, as well as two bonus cards in the 1991 Tour Stars factory set.

1992 NetPro Prototype Cards!
In 1992 we released a limited amount of prototype cards for tennis shop owners that featured our 1992 design. This small set had the first licensed cards of Steffi Graf, Ivan Lendl, and Boris Becker. The full 1992 set was never developed and we just issued our 1993 factory set instead.

1993 NetPro Tour Stars Series 1 Set!
In 1993 we released a 98 card set that featured Andre Agassi, Stefan Edberg, Steffi Graf, and Boris Becker as the headline stars. This set was issued in limited factory set form. Series 2 was never produced.

2001 NetPro Andy Roddick ROOKIE & 1st Officially Licensed Tennis Autograph Card!
In 2001 we revamped the NETPRO brand and signed Andy Roddick to a contract that enabled us to produce the first ever officially licensed autographed tennis card. The autograph features a bold signature and is limited to 999. This beautifully designed card was an instant hit when initially released. The regular unsigned variation has a print run of 10,000.

2002 NetPro Concept Design Set!
In 2002 we created a beautiful set to showcase the agents our initial design concept. This 9 card set featured Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova, Venus Williams, Lleyton Hewitt, Gustavo Kuerten, Martina Hingis, Marat Safin, and Andre Agassi. All athletes were eventually signed to a deal with the exception of Marat Safin.
2003 NetPro Premier Edition Set!
Our 2003 Premier series exploded onto the scene as the first tennis trading card set available to the public in nearly a decade. This set is made up of short print (SP) cards (#90-100) and 90 base cards. The set featured the first officially licensed cards of many stars including, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and many more. This product was released in sealed wax boxes featuring 18 packs and 5 cards per pack.

2003 NetPro Premier Anna Kournikova #10 PULLED Card!
Our 2003 Premier series had an incredibly rare Anna Kournikova blue dress variation that was pulled from production. VERY few made it into wax boxes, which made this card highly sought after. Very, very few examples went into circulation making this a chase for collectors.
2003 NetPro Premier Limited Edition Glossy Set!
In reminiscence of the 80’s where glossy variations were a common theme within the sports card hobby, we decided to release our own limited Premier Edition factory sealed Glossy set numbered to 5000. Each 85 card sealed set also included 1 International Preview card serial #d to 500. Every 10 sets (or 1 per case) featured an Anna Kournikova Glossy Autographed card. Collectors have finally noticed the true Rookie Cards of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal as prices are soaring on the secondary market.

2003 NetPro International Preview Set!
This 10 card insert set was featured within the NetPro Premier Edition Glossy set. Each factory sealed Glossy set yielded one International preview card. The key card from this insert set is the Serena Williams P2 #d to 500.

2003 NetPro Glossy Anna Kournikova Autograph Card
This autograph was guaranteed to be found in each factory sealed Glossy 10-set case. This was the first official Anna Kournikova autographed card and it was serial #d to 500. When initially released, this would continuously fetch $200 or more on the secondary market – completely paying for the cost of the entire case.

2003 NetPro International Serena Williams PROMO Card
This Serena Williams promo has a print run of less than 100. These were issued directly to a few hobby shops back in 2003 and are seldomly seen today.

2003 NetPro International Premium Glossy Series
This was our most popular set issued in 2003 and was limited to just 1000 cases. It featured the first ever NetPro Court Authentic cards. Never before had the sport of tennis seen authentic apparel cards or pack issued authentic autographed cards. These were an instant hit among collectors and our production run sold out within the first month at nearly $750.00 a case. Each hobby box contained 24 packs and 5 cards per pack. On average 2 memorabilia and 1 autograph were found per box. The 90 card regular set had 1/4th the production run of our Premier Edition release and contains many True Rookie Cards of countless tennis stars.

2003 NetPro International Series – Case Topper
Anna Kournikova was a world-wide icon in 2003 and she had incredible demand for her memorabilia cards. We featured two match worn apparel rookie cards serial #d to 500 each. Guaranteed one per sealed 10 box hobby case.
2003 NetPro International Series – Anna Kournikova Case Topper Autograph /20
This card was the most sought after card we produced for years after release. This Anna is absolutely impossible to find now. Serial numbered to only 20 and was issued 1 in every 50 cases as a case topper.

2003 NetPro International Series – One of a Kind Match Worn Autograph TEST CARD 
Prior to the formal signing of each serial-numbered card, the athlete would ‘practice’ their signature on the preferred location on one or two unnumbered versions of the same card. These cards were either discarded or sold to private collectors. The Serena Williams card, however, was mistakenly inserted into the 2003 International Series packs – making it truly a one-of-a-kind collectible of the future Hall of Famer.

2003 NetPro International Series – Match Worn Autograph Combo Set A /100
This 10 card set was an instant classic among tennis collectors. This was the first set issued that featured both the match worn apparel and an authentic autograph. Each card is serial #d to 100. These were found within our 24 pack boxes and guaranteed 1 per sealed 10 box case. Players include: Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Anna Kournikova, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt, Daniela Hantuchova, Martina Hingis, James Blake, and Juan Carlos Ferrero. Fun fact, Roger Federer was supposed to be included within all of our Court Authentic sets from the International Series. Due to scheduling conflicts we couldn’t secure the autographs on time. Thankfully we did include him as a special in our Elite Stars product.

2003 NetPro International Series – Court Authentic Match Worn Apparel D
These were the first ever apparel cards and this 10 card set was limited to 1000 and featured two large pieces of the star’s clothing. Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Anna Kournikova, Lleyton Hewitt, Venus Williams, and Martina Hingis headline the Court Authentic series.

2003 NetPro International Series – Court Authentic Match Worn Apparel B /500
These apparel cards were serial numbered to 500 and featured two large pieces of the star’s clothing. Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Anna Kournikova, Lleyton Hewitt, Venus Williams, and Martina Hingis headline the Court Authentic series.

2003 NetPro International Series – Court Authentic Autograph C /500
These autographed cards were serial numbered to 500 and were the first ever officially licensed autographed cards for tennis. Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Anna Kournikova, Lleyton Hewitt, Venus Williams, and Martina Hingis headline the Court Authentic series.
2003 NetPro Elite Stars Set
We had no idea how hot this set would later become. This 20 card set was released after our International Series as a tribute to the games best stars. Only 500 of each regular card was produced. Also featured were 5 unique Anna Kournikova Match Worn cards #d to 100 and 5 unique Serena Williams Match Worn cards #d to 100. The holy grail of tennis cards was also released within this product – the Roger Federer Court Authentics Autograph Jersey #d to 25 and his Apparel Bonus #d to 25.

2003 NetPro Elite Stars – Roger Federer Bonus Autograph Shirt RC
The holy grail of tennis cards. This card started gaining momentum during the 2007 season as Roger was in the middle of an incredible grand slam run. Due to scheduling conflicts, we never were able to include Roger within the International Series 10 card autograph set, but this delay turned into a collector’s dream scenario. This led us to create the incredibly rare RC #d to just 25 and feature it within the Elite Stars set.
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2003 NetPro Elite Stars – 5 Card Apparel Set #/100
Each set contained an Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams special apparel card serial #d to 100. These are hardly ever seen on the secondary market today as once they hit collector’s hands, they stayed there.
2003 NetPro Elite Stars – Serena Williams Bonus Apparel RC #/25
Like the Federer, we also issued a Serena Williams bonus apparel card serial #d to just 25. We haven’t seen a sealed Elite Stars set for nearly 17 years. With only 500 sets produced and absolutely loaded with these great jersey cards and a chance at the Federer Holy Grail Rookie Card, you can understand how they went so quickly!

2003 NetPro Elite Limited Edition Collectors Set /2000
This 20 card set was our next release and limited to only 2000 serial numbered factory sets. Each set also included one rare glossy variation limited to 100.

2003 NetPro Elite Glossy Set /100
This variation was limited to just 100 examples of each card. These cards were found one per factory sealed Elite set. Highly sought after RCs from the set include Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal.
2003 NetPro Elite Event Card Set
This set featured 28 of the best players in the game at the time. Not particularly limited with over 10,000 of each produced, each set featured the color action shot and black and white background design.

2003 NetPro Elite Event Insert Cards
There are several insert cards from the Elite Event series. These included the 4-Card Major Match-Up Series, the Anna Kournikova Flashback, and the 3-Card Preview Set (AK1, RF1, MS-1). The Maria Sharapova MS-1 preview card was to be issued prior to our next Elite set as a promotional item, however it was pulled from production. Only 200 or fewer examples exist.

2003 NetPro Elite Court Authentics Maria Sharapova Uncirculated Autographs /50
These cards were not issued in set form and were released straight to market. Each card features a bold autograph and is serial numbered to 50 on the back with the word SAMPLE stamped across the back.
2003 NetPro Photo Card Set!
This 20 card set was produced solely to focus on some of the beautiful images in the sport of tennis. Limited to under 10,000 sets produced.

2011 NetPro 20th Anniversary Set!
This extremely limited release featured our most popular cards since 1991. Each card was issued in pack form in its own protective case. We numbered our glossy cards with 23K gold! This set was loaded with 1/1s, and no card issued had more than 20 released. Today, these cards are hardly ever seen.


All of our autographed cards feature on-card autographs. You will never find an autographed sticker on our cards. We feel there is a special connection to a card when fans understand that the actual card was held by the respected athlete. Each of our cards were signed in the presence of a NetPro owner and made sure that quality bold autographs were always the focus of the signature.


Each of our Court Authentic Match Worn Apparel Cards contains a swatch piece of the mentioned players match worn clothing. Each piece is hand selected to meet the quality standards for our cards.

Price Appreciation

Our cards have turned into tremendous investments over the years. We focused on producing quality cards and collectors have always appreciated that. Our 2003 product was filled with future stars who became legends, such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams!